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Theodor Leschetizky
Since 1991
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International Leschetizky Summer Academy
Artistic Director Peter Ritzen
International Summer Academy 2019 July 23 – Aug. 5

International Summer Academy Theodor Leschetizky proudly presents its annual master classes 2019 given by distinguished faculty in Vienna! 

With performing artists and eminent professors of world rank, ISATL goes in its 20th edition this year. Cultural excursions, attendance of concerts and residing in Vienna coupled with the experience of our professors makes our courses an unforgettable experience for any young musician who wants to be enlightened by the European Culture and traditions.

Theodor Leschetizky (1830-1915) was born in imperial Austria, pupil of Czerny. He was a genius mentor of piano, he taught for more than 37 years in Vienna. Co-founder of the imperial conservatory in St. Petersburg in 1862. He inspired a whole generation of great musicians who influenced performances styles well into the 20th century including those of Paderewsky, Friedman, Grunfeld, Schnabel, Leginska and Horsowsky, just to name a few.

Leschetziky was a man of passion, charm and deep human feelings who hated methods and the establishment. He believed more in “soul” than in the “thing” ; something lacking in our present computer age. If you are excited about Leschetizky’s ideas, have artistic feelings, and are dedicated to music of excellence, come to Vienna to taste and see from the top to the bottom the artistic atmosphere at the ” International Summer Academy Theodor Leschetizky “, 2019. Our academy is prestigious and we pride ourselves in the quality of arts !

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